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Professional Development

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Promoting growth and sustainability of highly effective physical education programs


Schedule a half or full day of professional development with an OPEN National Trainer.

Each OPEN Training is movement-based & includes the following:

  • Academic Rigor in Physical Education
  • Academic Language
  • Backward Curriculum Design
  • Planning for and assessing Student Learning Outcomes
  • Teacher Reflection & Evaluation


Districts are encouraged to send teachers to attend OPEN CCC programs in order to become certified as a local Community Curriculum Coaches.

For an up-to-date schedule of OPEN CCC events visit:

Teachers certified as Community Curriculum Coaches will have the knowledge and tools needed to provide the following professional development experiences:

  • 1- to 3- Hour activity-based workshops
  • Curriculum collaboration and alignment meetings
  • Grant writing and resource development workshops

This model allows district to conduct FREE professional development programs that are well organized, focused on local requirements, and relevant to teacher and students focusing on the following:

  • Understanding backward design and outcomes-based curriculum development / implementation
  • Implementing academic rigor strategies in the physical education classroom
  • Using academic language tools to meet student learning outcomes

Registration for each OPEN Community Curriculum Coach Development Program is free. However, participants will be responsible for any costs associated with registration for the host conference in addition to all travel and lodging expenses incurred.

Grade-Level Outcomes for K-12 Physical Education is used under license from SHAPE America.
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