LTL Details

What is inside delivery?

Inside delivery to business warehouses (dock to dock) - Select this option to have the delivering driver bring in the shipment beyond 20 feet of rear of the trailer.

Inside delivery to residence - Select this option for deliveries that need to be placed inside a dwelling, a garage, an area inside a backyard fence or through an entry doorway.

NOTE: Inside delivery does not include liftgate. Each of the listed services would be charged separately. Additional charges may apply for difficult access such as, but not limited to, stairs or other obstructions.

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What is Liftgate/Ground Delivery?

Use this option for heavy items needing assistance getting the shipment form truck high down to ground level. This is an additional service that can be used with residential or business deliveries without a truck high dock.

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What is Residential?

A house, apartment or a business running out of a house is considered residential.

Schools and churches are NOT considered residential even if it is located in a residential area.

NOTE: Residential service does not include inside delivery or liftgate/ground service.

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