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  Foam Create-A-Beams
• Create dozens of balance challenges with easy to connect Dura-Tuff foam sections
• Each section is 2 1/2”H x 5 1/4”W x 15”L and connect by inserting 6”L plastic rods into pre-set holes 
• Deluxe Set includes 3 sections of Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red and Yellow - Starter Set (no holes in sides of sections)  includes 1 of each color 
• Activity guide included
1251692 Deluxe Set $148 99 SET OF 18 1308686 Starter Set $53 99 SET OF 6
Deluxe Set
              Figure ‘8’ Balance Beam
• Helps to develop coordination and balance
• Set includes 26 interlocking sections (18
curved, 8 straight) 4”H x 11”L and 1 center
connector to vary the configuration
• Extra tough polyethylene pieces feature a
2”W walking surface with a weight capacity of 150 lbs.
1363636 $14299 SET H
• 12’ of flowing, curvy balance fun
• So flexible you can configure 15 balance challenges
• Each Ethafoam section is 2’L x 4 1/2”W that connect with
plastic plugs
• Pictorial guide with configurations included
• Each set includes 1 of each color: Blue, Green, Orange,
Purple, Red and Yellow
1285543 $71 99 SET OF 6
              Crayon Balance Beam
• A fun training aid developed to teach balance and coordination • Brightly colored and laminated
• 7”H x 10”W base x 6 1/2’L with a 4”W training top
• Weighs only 10 lbs. - should be used with safety matting
• Specify color: Blue, Green, Orange, Red or Yellow 20027429 $26599 EA
Pencil Balance Beam
• Kids imagine they live in a giant’s world while they learn balance and coordination
• Lightweight but firm enough to hold an adult
• 7”H x 10”W base x 6 1/2’L with a 4”W training top
• Weighs just 10 lbs. - should be used with safety matting
All Products on this page are
Balance Buckets
• Promotes balance and coordination •Features6bucketsconnectedbya
braided nylon rope
• Students create their own course to match
their ability
• Buckets have a raised top surface for
added grip
• Buckets taper from 8”W bottom to 5 3/4”W
Build N’ Balance Set
• Create your own balance courses and challenges
• Planks are made of durable plastic and reinforced with steel bars
• Connectors are made of durable plastic with rubber edges to avoid
• Starter set includes 5 planks and 5 connectors (3 Red and 2 Yellow) 6 Year Limited Warranty
1302592 Starter Set $30699 SET OF 10
    $26599 EA
top x 3”H
• Weight capacity 200 lbs.
$3999 SET H
                        Bright colored products perfect for teaching balance techniques in children with visual impairments.

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