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  VersaTM Challenge Course
Connect hula hoops, targets, and many other
items to create endless games to help develop
climbing skills and game strategy.
• Includes 10 specialized hand holds and 10 repositionable clips • Great way to create climb throughs and targets
• Hardware and activity guide included
1454857 w/hoops $26999 SET 1454856 w/outhoops $20999 SET
       Quick Feet Challenge Mat
• Safe, inclusive, and highly motivating for all students
• Highly visible footprints make it easy to improve
quickness, agility, and overall fitness
• Non-slip bottom makes it safer than traditional agility
• Mat measures 10' x 4' 
• Activity guide included
1454866 $28999 EA
       Burpee Challenge Mat
• Complete body workout designed around Burpee variations
• Great for improving muscular strength in the arms, legs, and
• Vary the difficulty by changing position of hands and feet
• Various colored foot and hand sets make it perfect for all
• Mat measures 70” x 48”
• Activity guide included
1454867 $17999 EA
     FloormarXTM Set
• Safe, smart, and easy way to instruct movement 
• Quick to apply and easy to remove 
• Fast drying ink (2min) and cleaning wipes (30 sec) pass safety slip tests
• One Floor Marker writes for over 250 yards (over 4 rolls of traditional floor tape)
• Set includes 2 Floor markers, 1 green and 1 blue, and 1 canister of cleaning foot wipes
• Intended for sealed gymnasiums and dance floors, and other non-porous surfaces 
• BEFORE FULL APPLICATION, always test on multiple, small, inconspicuous areas of the floor
$3999 SET
      Agility Spot Challenge Mat
• Different colored spots to accommodate students of all ages • Great for strengthening lower leg muscles and weak ankles  • Build foot speed, improve agility, and maintain balance
• Mat measures 36” x 48” 
• Activity guide included
$15999 EA
THE ULTIMATE ANYWHERE GAME THAT OFFERS 3 WAYS TO SCORE. ZLAM it through the front hole, go through the top hole, or simply just hit the cone. 
• Quick assembly, easy setup, and compact storage
• Action packed game that includes 4 people and 2 teams
• Includes 2 goals (17”H), 4 paddles (15”L x 5”W), 2 balls (3” dia), 1
nylon storage bag, and activity instructions
 1454869 $6499 SET
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