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    Digital Audio Travel Plus
•  High power 250-watt BluetoothTM PA system reach up to 7500 people with built-in Media Player allowing you to play your own recorded music using your SD card or Thumb Drive
• Custom-fit protective cover made from water- repellant nylon fabric and sound transparent mesh
• Rear access panels let you hook up cables, antennas and access controls with ease while keeping your gear dry
• It weighs only 35 lbs., travels and sets up easily with tripod mount, retractable luggage handle and heavy duty wheels
• AC power or with build-in rechargeable battery that lasts about 6-10 hours
• Includes 1 wireless connection (choose lapel headset, handhelp, or overear) and 1 wired mic
• Basic Set includes: Tripod, protective cover, and mic floor stand
• Premium Set includes: Wireless speaker, 2 tripods, 2 covers, and mic floor stand
• Platinum Set includes: Premium set + am extra wireless reciever and mic
6 Year Limited Warranty
$2,84299 EA $3,09499 SET $4,982 99 SET $5,576 99 SET $1,599 99 EA
1399733 Wireless Dual Speaker Kit
  Premium Set
  Platinum Set
       WIRELESS SELECTIONS (3 options)
Option 1
  Option 2 Option 3
FrontRow To Go PA System
• A simple all-in-one system - just charge it and go
• Features DuOTM technology - multiple speakers in
a single cabinet
• Capable of covering an entire gym, classroom,
playground or field
• Weighs only 13 lbs. and features a dual FM
receiver (allows 2 transmitters to be used at once), and a rechargeable battery (with 6 1/2 hours operating time)
• Includes auxiliary to connect to TV/VCR/DVD, computer, CD player and iPod
• Includes speaker system, head worn microphone with transmitter, charging stand, auxiliary and power cords
5 Year Limited Warranty
1274585 $1,69999 EA
Wireless Hand-Held Mic
• Hand-held microphone for FrontRow To Go PA system (Item 1274585)
1274615 $32999 EA
Behind-The-Neck Mic
• Additional head-worn microphone for FrontRow To Go PA System (Item 1274585)
1274592 Requires body transmitter (1274608)
Carry Bag
• Stores and transports the FrontRow To Go PA system (Item 1274585)
            $16799 EA Body-Worn
$11499 EA
• Required to operate head-worn mic (Item 1274592)
5 Year Limited Warranty 1274608 $32799 EA
             Titan Portable PA
• Powerful 100W amplifier with built-in BluetoothTM receiver for groups up to 2,500 in rooms up to 10,000 sq. ft.
• Built-in digital UHF 16 channel wireless microphone receiver with choice of wireless handheld, lapel and headset or over the ear microphone, CD/media player with remote control, voice priority feature and echo/reverb
• Includes handheld wired mic, rechargeable battery, AC power cord, protective cover and built-in storage for microphones and remote
• Rolls easily on built-in wheels and luggage handle
• Basic Package includes mic stand and tripod
• Premium Package includes Basic Package plus companion speaker and additional tripod
• Platinum Package includes Premium Package plus 2 panel mount wireless receivers with choice of 2
Wireless Portable Media Player PA System
• A powerful 36 watt all-in-one PA system with BluetoothTM for audiences up to 500 and rooms to 2,500 sq.ft.
• Built-in media player allows you to play/record music and audio via USB or SD slot • Connects wirelessly to your smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth® device
• Features built-in UHF selectable 16 channel wireless receiver and wireless
handheld mic with 300’ range
• Includes wired handheld mic, AC power cord, rechargeable battery and
protective cover
1399732 $1,09999 EA
 wireless microphones and speaker transmitter  • Mic: Handheld, Lapel and Headset, Over Ear.
1399719 1399723 1399727 1450224 1399731
Portable PA (Specify Type of Mic)
Basic Package (Specify Type of Mic)
Premium Package (Specify Type of Mic)
Platinum Package (Specify 2 Types of Mics)
Companion Speaker +Transmitter For Titan Portable and Basic Pack
$2,19999 EA $2,39999 EA $4,19999 EA $4,69999 EA $1,34999 EA $1,29999 EA

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