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            // 800.327.0484 FACILITIES 273 GYMNASTICS
      Downhill Mats
• Multi-use mats are ideal for teaching beginning gymnasts basic rolls and walkovers
• Polyurethane foam covered with 18 oz. reinforced, coated vinyl
• Multi-colors only
1041712 Folding16”Hx48”Wx72”L 1041743 Non-Folding15”Hx24”Wx33”L 1041651 Non-Folding 16”H x 36”W x 72”L 1041668 Non-Folding16”Hx48”Wx72”L
Molly Ball
• Develops balance, body alertness and coordination
• Use for rolling, racing and a target for tossing
• Durable, 16 oz. vinyl filled with high densitypolyurethanefoam
$40899 EA H $18399 EA H $35799 EA H $37799 EA H
                         1041866 Approx. 38”L x 36”Diameter $58999 EA H
Junior Spring Board
• Constructed of 1/2” 8-ply cross-grain maple and poplar plywood and padded with 1/4” polyethylene foam with a carpeted surface
• Three zinc-plated wire springs are placed across the front of the bottom board •AAIlogoisplacedtoassistuserinfocusingontheboard
• For children under 85 lbs.
• Wood core construction
• Working surface has 1/4” (.6cm) padding, with
competition suede-like cover • Beam rests on wooden feet
1332117 5 1/4”H x 4”W x 96”L $42999 EA 1304626 51/4”Hx4”Wx120”L $52499 EA
• This beginner beam is important for learning early fundamentals
• TAC/10 cover provides easy cleaning with excellent grip and durability
• 4” (10cm) beam width provides the gymnast with a comfortable working surface
• Foam core is constructed using polyethylene foam • Tapered to the floor for added stability
1332100 2”Hx4”Wx106”L $25999 EA
Trapezoid Foam Vaulting Box
• Hook and loop fasteners securely hold the 4 sections together • Use as a vaulting horse or spotting platform
• Provides the firm footing and stability required for developing
jumping, motor skills and beginning gymnastic routines 1041637 48”H x 48”W x 36”L $1,326 99 EA H
AAI Junior Balance Beam
• These balance beams are a great training product for beginning gymnasts
           TAC/10 Foam Balance
    1306293 8”Hx21”Wx33”L
Mailbox/Tumbling Aid
• Great for beginners to develop confidence and skills • Polyurethane foam covered with 18 oz. vinyl
1041699 20”Hx16”Wx36”L $22999 EA H
$45999 EA

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