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Soft V Volleyball
• Durable nylon fabric cover with soft foam backing for extra softness and safety • Ideal training ball for children
1316605 OfficialSize
1316612 20%Larger(30.5”-31.5”)
$2099 EA $2799 EA
Soft Play
• Machine sewn with synthetic leather cover • Excellent air and shape retention
• Indoor use only
Smooth Grip
• Smooth textured PU cover
• Machine sewn panel construction   • Indoor/Outdoor use
1262667 $1899 EA H
Soft “E” Volleyball
• An alternative to traditional foam balls
• Designed by trapping air bubbles inside a vinyl
foam compound making these balls extra-tough • Inflate as soft or hard as desired to alter the
deliverance and bounce • Colors may vary
1126372 Volleyball $1099 EA H
Multicolor Volleyballs
• Durable rubber construction
• Regulation size and weight
• Nylon windings and butyl bladder construction provides added
• A unique outer cover makes them easy to grip
• Soft, non-threatening, colorful balls are made of sting-free vinyl
material with a layer of foam padding
• Available in Color My Class or individual color
• Color My Class set includes 1 of each color: Blue, Green, Orange,
strength and increased air-retention
91300 Color My Class
$6099 PACK OF 6 H
Purple, Red and Yellow
1256673 Volleyball - Color My Class 1045550 8”Volleyball-Yellow
$119 99 PACK OF 6 $2099 EA
Light Spike
• Double knit soft polyester fabric cover allows players to practice skills without discomfort
• 30% lighter than official volleyball
• Ideal trainer for developing fundamentals safely
All Products on this page are
• Launch your programs to the next level with these vibrantly colored balls
• Eye-popping colors make these balls easy to track
• Synthetic leather balls with PVC cushioned covers feature a swirling 3-D hologram
• Color My Class set includes 1 of each neon color: Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red and Yellow
1255836 Regulation Volleyball $71 99 SET OF 6 H
Bright colors make these volleyballs more appealing to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
$1399 EA H
$1649 EA
Fun Gripper Volleyball 8” Set of 6

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