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TM Putt-O-Cups
• Perfect for teaching the basics of putting
• Tough, 2-way putters feature steel shafts, rubber grips and rubber covered, steel heads for many years of use • The realistic golf balls will roll true to form on most surfaces
• Color My Class set includes 1 putter and 1 ball of each color: Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red and Yellow
• More realistic than other putting cups
• Requires a proper stroke to keep the ball in the cup
• Players can putt from any direction allowing for greater participation • Flags are removable and an activity guide is included
1137545 Color My Class $4399 SET OF 6
Mini Golf Chipper Set
• The perfect starter set for right handed players
• Features twelve 26”L clubs with foam padded grips for
a comfortable feel, 12 low bounce balls and 12 tees
1345285 1345292 1345308
32”L - Color My Class 27”L - Color My Class Golf Balls
$132 99 SET OF 6 H $132 99 SET OF 6 H
$919 PACK OF 6 H
$7199 SET H
• The perfect small target for small budgets
• Basket adjusts to any angle
• Use for tossing bean bags, Frisbees® and balls or chipping
golf balls 
• Freestanding with 14” aluminum hoop and durable nylon net  • Available in White or a Color My Class set
24-Player Golf Putting
Class Package 2 Year Limited Warranty
Adjustable chipping nets Chipping clubs (26” long)
Foam Balls
Putt-O-CupsTM 12 Putters (24” long) 12 Putting Targets 36 Storage bag with wheels 1 Tees 12
$50799 PACK H QTY.
12 12 48
Foam golf balls Putt-O-CupsTM
Putters (24” long) Putting targets Storagebag withwheels
All Products on this page are
72 18 24 72 1
24-Player Putting and
Bag included
Color My Class
$79 99 SET OF 6 Bag included
30899 1275063
White Color My Class
$2199 EA H
$122 99 PACK OF 6 H
Putting Set
Golf Putting Set
• Durable plastic shaft and head with foam grips.
• Solid foam balls roll well on hard and soft surfaces.
• Three plastic “holes” allow for multiple targets, team
play and developing golf and color recognition skills • Color My Class set includes six sets, each consisting
of one putter, three targets and three balls in Blue, Green, Orange Purple, Red and Yellow
Adjustable Catch Net
Chipping Class Pack 2 Year Limited Warranty
1299601 $55999 PACK H
Teach golf skills to children of all abilities including those with physical disabilities requiring use of a wheelchair.

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