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                              210 SPORTS HIGHLIGHTED ITEMS SHIP IN 24 HOURS BASKETBALL
  Quad Hoop Basketball
• Create your own fun basketball activities
• Easily attaches to any 2 3/8” diameter game standard
• Can be used with our indoor, heavyweight (180 lbs. minimum) and outdoor, in-ground volleyball standards
• Adjustable height settings (8’ maximum)
• Includes 4 goals with nylon nets and mounting bracket
1272222 $30999 EA H
        Adjusto-Bracket Basketball Goal
• Simply attach the Adjusto-Bracket to any flat surface and slide your goal into place to create a basketball play area
• For use on brick, wood, block or tile • Goal not included •81/2”Hx7”W-2lbs.
4998 $9999 EA
Double Adjusto-Bracket Goal
• Allows 12” height adjustment on one bracket to accommodate different age/height requirements
4997 $14999 EA
Goal for Adjusto Brackets
• For use with single or double Adjusto- Bracket goal mounts
5010 $8699 EA
Basketball System
• Play basketball anywhere with this colorful, durable, portable goal
• 24” reinforced backboard, 10” diameter molded slam rim 
• Adjusts from 32” to 52” easily 
• Includes durable non-slip net, and
5” inflatable basketball 
• Assembles without tools
• One gallon base holds water or
sand for stability
99049 $8999 SET
        Basketball Skillastics®
Large group resource that enhances basketball skill development 
• Inspires children of all levels to enjoy practicing the basic fundamentals of basketball
• Aligned with the National Physical Education Stnadards and HEPA after school Guidelines
• Improves hand/eye coordination, reaction time, and coss-lateral dexterity
• Perfect addition to your PE curriculum, Camp, or After School program
• Touted as the perfect resource that effectively and efficiently helps children simultaneously improve their basketball skills 
1098471 Grades2-8 $26999 EA See Fitness Section For All SkillasticsTM Products
       Movin’ HoopTM
• Hang this oversized (22”) moving hoop from a basket, tree limb, rafter or any overhead support
• Use the support rope to hang it low or raise it up to create greater challenges
• Pull the rope and the hoop becomes a fun, moving target
• Activity guide included
1310252 $8199 EA

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