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                  Physical Education Needs More Than Foam Balls and Paddles,
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Standards-Based OPEN Curriculum FREE Online
OPEN is a backwards-designed curriculum developed under the direction of Aaron Hart, a physical educator and faculty member at SUNY Cortland. OPEN is supported by US Games, making it available for FREE.
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High Quality, Affordable Professional Development
US Games has also teamed up with OPEN to bring award-winning PE teachers to your school for professional development that will engage and inspire you and your team.
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US Games continues to add to our full offering of the equipment you need. Our equipment is perfectly matched to OPEN curriculum activities and all other parts of your PE program. See our latest products on pages 4-7, and find everything you need throughout this catalog.
+ Matched = SUCCESS Activities Equipment and FUN
• 14 large cones
• 1 basketball per 2 students • 1 poly spot per 2 students
1. Create boundaries for a large activity
area with cones.
2. Scatter poly spots throughout the area.
3. Pair students, scattered in the area.
4. One student on a spot and the other
with a ball.
Activity Procedures:
1. It’s time for a speed-dribbling challenge called Knuckle Collectors. The object of
this activity is to give as many knuckle bumps as you can in 2 minutes (or and set
amount of time).
2. When I say, “GO!” players with a ball will dribble from spot to spot, collecting
knuckle-bumps from the other players who are standing on spots. You must continue your dribble while you collect knuckles. Freeze when you hear the stop signal.
3. You’ll have 2 minutes to collect as many knuckles as you can and then we’ll switch. How many total knuckles can you collect before the stop signal?
Grade Level Progression:
3rd: Play the activity as it is written above.
4th: Introduce a signal for changing dribbling hands and/or speed.
5th: Choose 1 or 2 students to act as defenders, working to force dribbling errors by adding defensive pressure.
            US Games offers equipment for every OPEN activity, perfectly matched to the needs of your students.

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