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                                                                                      172 RECREATION HIGHLIGHTED ITEMS SHIP IN 24 HOURS BOWLING
     SlimPinsTM Bowling Pins
• Thinner and taller than traditional bowling pins
• Set up your own pin configurations to create new and exciting
• Feature extra tough, 17”H polyethylene pins with weighted bases  • Set includes 10 pins of each color with color coded storage bag in:
Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red and Yellow
1369725 ColorMyClass $19999 SET H
       Jumbo Inflatable
Bowling Set
• Fun and exciting bowling set for all ages
• Inflate, set up and play
• 10 oversized (27” H), PVC
pins with cardboard
bottoms for added stability • Includes one 45cm (18”
dia.) inflatable ball
• Ball color may vary.
$6699 SET H
                 Roll Out
                                  • Store this colorful
42”W x 20’L vinyl mat and roll it out when needed
• Lies flat after being brought out of storage
• Printed pin placement graphics assures pins will be set up correctly
• The printed directional arrows will have bowlers throwing strikes in no time
• Pins and balls sold separately 1274974 $14999 EA H
            3 lb. Bowling Balls
• Lightweight, low bounce, durable, rubberized-plastic balls • Ideal for elementary age kids or adapted P.E.
• Each ball has multi sets of 3-finger hole patterns
• Color Options: Blue, Green, Purple, Orange, Red, Yellow.
Molded Foam Bowling Balls
• High quality, molded foam balls designed with 4 sets of 3-finger hole patterns to accommodate all age levels
1281095 Color My Class $193 99 SET OF 6
Tuff Coated Foam Bowling Ball
• 4-hole pattern accommodates a variety of hand sizes
• ”Ideal Bowling Trainer Ball” is great for beginners and fun for your more skilled students
•81/4”diameter Weight:14oz.
  1181562 SpecifyColor 1181623 Color My Class
All Products on this page are
$4899 EA H $275 99 SET OF 6 H
44093 $43 99 EA H Bowling is a great way to work on accuracy for children with coordination disorders.
                             Bowling Backstop
• Set up against any wall and keep the ball and pins in a confined area
• Made using 1” powder coated steel it simply folds out to create a corral area and
folds in for storage
• Each section measures 48”L x 12”H • Pins and balls sold separately
1276237 $10999 EA H

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