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  National Standards for
Physical Education
• Presents the new physical education standards as developed by SHAPE America (Society of Health and Physical Educators)
• Includes new measurable grade-level outcomes for students and its standards support the Common Core State Standards
• Helps to create and enhance high-quality programs that prepare students to be physically literate and active their whole lives
• For grades K-12
1384901 $5099 EA
    Building Character, Community,
and a Growth Mindset in
Physical Education
• Highly practical and theoretically sound resouce that will help you build a positive learning environment, teach valuable life skills, and inspire students to live active, healthy lives 
• Offers more than 60 large-group warm-up activities, character-building activities, and team- building challenges
• Includes a web resource that will help prepare students for success in colloege and beyond 
1453538 $2899 EA
     Physical Education Digital
• Provides a complete elementary physical education program that is delivered online and easily accessed from your desktop, laptop, or mobile device
• Offers more than 200 new lesson plans that help teach skill development
• The activities and assessments are aligned to the specific standards and grade-level outcomes set by SHAPE America
• This resource will help you meet the standards and outcomes without having to build a program from scratch
1393698 GradesK-5 $4999 EA
     Brockport Physical Fitness Test Manual
• Compatible with and can be used alongside Fitnessgram
• Includes an online resource that demonstrates assessment
• Web resource includes reproducible charts, fillable forms, and test
score calculators
• Text helps teachers understand conceptual framework for testing
• Provides direction in administering tests to youngsters with
various disabilities
1453275 $5499 EA
      Physical Best Activity Guide
• Offers the most complete health related fitness testing program available for youngsters with disabilities
• Presents fun activities that help students gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to lead active and healthy lives
• Includes instructions on adapting activities for kids of all skill levels
• Includes CD-ROM with numerous reproducibles
1453274 Elementary $2999 EA 1453273 MSandHS $2999 EA
Administration Manual 5th
• An integrated fitness and activity assessment program that can greatly enhance the effectiveness of school-based physical education programs
• A complete guide to implementing these assessments, from conducting the test protocols and recording the data to interpreting and sharing the results
1399631 5thEdition $3900 EA
Physical Education for Lifelong Fitness
• Presents strategies to incorporate health-related fitness and activity into Physical Education programs
• Includes updated health-related fitness concepts and expanded discussions on teaching principles and training concepts
• Based on up-to-date research and current NASPE standards
• Offers enhanced information on assessment, nutrition, inclusion, and goal setting
• Includes ready-to-use instructor resources, including a presentation and test package
     1453272 $3899 EA

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