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The First Six Minutes Book
The Original PE Start-Up Guide contains new and exciting games and activities designed to get all of your students moving within the first six minutes of class. One minute of instruction is followed by five minutes of purposeful activity!
For Grades K-12.
30 Day Limited Warranty
1377120 $3999 EA
The Great Games Handbook
This book will redefine the term ”great game” for a new generation of elementary school students. It is destined to become your Number #1 collection of creative and skill-based games ever!
For grades K-6.
30 Day Limited Warranty
Sport Stacking Book
• A complete ”start-to-finish” resource for teaching the basic cup stacking patterns and strategies for students at all levels
• Filled with great ideas for individual skill development, small group activities, and great large group games
Minds in Motion Everyday Book
This new instructional package provides
a springboard for numerous common
core connections. Provides a new level of creativity and movement-based learning. This resource uses an innovative set of flash cards (104-card deck) called the Infinity Flash CardsTM.
$4299 EA
30 Day Limited Warranty
PE Stations Survival Guide
• Contains over
$2599 EA
For Grades K-6.
30 Day Limited Warranty
201 Small- Sided Sports and Games Book
$5499 EA
For Grades K-8.
30 Day Limited Warranty
$3799 EA
Field Day Survival Guide
• Provides step-by-step directions for over 20 successful field days submitted by physical educators nationwide
• For grades K-8
30 Day Limited Warranty
20012097 $4699 EA
Fit Kids Classroom Workout DVD RE-ENERGIZE YOUR STUDENTS! • Fun, contemporary dance moves
will invigorate and motivate your students during their daily routines or warm them up for physical activity
• Includes four 5 minute and two 10 minute workouts for grades K-8
1179569 $2599 EA
200 teacher-tested and kid-approved PE station ideas to keep your students looking forward to physical education all year long
• Complete with creative illustrations, easy directions, simple set-up, printable station extras and more
• A unique
collection of 201
partner and small-sided games designed for maximizing movement
• Puts fun back into physical education and sport participation
Parachute Games Book w/DVD
• Lead and adapt 59 parachute
activities for fun and fitness • Use the DVD to preview
activities before leading them • For grades K-12
1179576 $2999 EA
Ropework For Kids DVD
• Teaches beginners the basics, in a fun and rewarding way
• More experienced ”jumpers” will be excited to see rope throws, dance inspired rope manipulations, turns, moves across the floor and much more
1265309 $2599 EA
$4699 EA
• For grades K-8
$2599 EA
of Rope Jumping DVD
• Teach rope jumping through a structured
and progressive process
• 60 minute DVD keeps your students
interested, challenged and on task as
they learn 8 separate skill sets • For ages 7-11
1244304 $3099 EA
Edge Disc Golf DVD
No Standing Around in My Gym Book
• Perfect for
physical education specialists, classroom teachers who teach physical education, youth leaders and recreation facilitators
• Easy to use illustrated lesson plans and games for keeping children active and moving
The Best of Great Activities Book
• A treasury of outstanding ideas from
physical education teachers from across
the United States
• 240 page book for grades K-6
99083 $4099 EA
Make It Take It Fitness Games Book
Show common core connections between fitness, academic content, and greater student enjoyment! The 25 ”Make It -Take It” Fitness Games will add fun, multiply fitness results, and strengthen academic linkages.
• For ages 4-11
$2899 EA
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Bebe Weinberg Katz, M.Ed. Jennifer Gorecki, Ph.D.
- the official companion guide -
• Learn the basics of disc golf
• Includes sections on the backhand and
forehand throws, putting and playing by the rules
1324884 $1299 EA
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