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            // 800.327.0484 HEALTH/FITNESS 167 SKILLASTICS
  Speed Stacks Skillastics®
• Teaches Sport Stacking through the proven Skillastics method
• Offers 26 unique activities that enhance MVPA while simultaneously increasing Sport
Stacking agility and skills
• Speed Stacks sold seperately
• Skillastics Nutritional cards are a great addition to increase nutritional knowledge 30 Day Limited Warranty
1453542 Grades3-6 $26999 EA
    Be Fit 2 Learn
Skillastics® Math
• Aligns with the National Mathematics Standards
• Customized and available for grades 2nd-6th
• Includes a detailed manual with QR codes, instructional DVD and sling backpack 
• Classroom solution for incorporating physical activity and increasing learning outcomes 1454581 SpecifyGradeLevel $18999 EA
        Character is Cool Skillastics®
• Approved by physical education experts
• Excellent social skills activity
• Emphasizes sportsmanship, respect, responsibility, honesty and more
1343021 Grades3-9 $36999 EA
     Volleyball Skillastics®
• Approved by USA Volleyball and helps build efficiency in a variety of volleyball skills • No nets needed to play 
1274431 Grades3-12 $26999 EA
           Tennis Skillastics®
• Approved by the United States Tennis Association • No courts needed to play 
• Can be played indoors or outdoors 
1297836 Grades2-8
Soccer Skillastics®
• Approved by AYSO (America Youth Soccer Organization and leading PE Specialists, covers all the basic skills and activities for field players
1201642 Grades3-12 $26999 EA
Basketball Skillastics®
• A unique and innovative way to help make practicing basketball fundamentals fun!
• Develops hand/eye coordination and reaction time 1098471 Grades2-8 $26999 EA
$26999 EA

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