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            // 800.327.0484 HEALTH/FITNESS 159 FITNESS & MOVEMENT
 Move Bingo for Kids
• Great to get kids up and moving in a fun and creative way!
• Features simple stretches and movements selected specifically for PreK - 6th grade children based on skill level
• The instructor reads the movements on the clue cards, children will do the movements, and those with the activity on their game card cover the square
• Includes: 30 laminated bingo cards and 25 clue cards
1450063 $4499 EA 1309966 Marking Chips $14 99 SET OF 500
  Power Deck
• Activity cards designed to enhance class management, increase physical activity, all while improving learning outcomes
• Integrate object counting with fun animal shapes and word recognition
• Larger in size than a normal playing card -- 5” x 7”
• Set includes six Power Cards to be used as a wild card
• Set includes 10 cards in each color, #’d 1-10: Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red and Yellow
• Free downloadable lessons available at 
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   Physical Activity Bingo
• Get the whole class active
• To play, the teacher reads an instruction
card that contains an activity
• The whole class does the activity, and
those who have the activity on their bingo
card cover the square with a marking chip
• Activities include windmills, jumping jacks,
wall push-ups and more!
• Appropriate for all ages
• Includes: (30) 8 1/2” x 11” laminated bingo
cards and approx. 35 activity instruction cards
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            Playout: Obstacle
Course Race
• An obstacle course in the palm of your hand
• 30 bodyweight exercises for all levels of ability
• A fun, convenient and effective way to exercise
• Includes 50 cards (30 Exercise - 10 WildCards - 10 MiniGames) 
30 Day Limited Warranty 1389877 $1999 EA
       Playout: The Game
• An exercise card game that makes fitness fun for people of all ages and fitness abilities
• Turn bodyweight exercise into fun with over 10 unique games and infinite exercise combinations, all using a single deck of cards
• A workout routine without the work, or routine! • Why workout when you can PLAYOUT!
30 Day Limited Warranty
$1499 EA
        Healthy Foods and Portions Bingo
• Promote MyPlate and correct portion sizes with this colorful and fun game for elementary-aged students
• Images are portions of healthy foods in each food group
• Students see what their plates and bowls full of food
should look like
• Includes 30 laminated playing cards 11”H x 8 1/2”W and
60 small cards that are used like numbers in traditional Bingo
• Developmentally appropriate fitness for young children
• Engages the whole child in moving while developing literacy skills
• Improved bilateral coordination allows the hands and feet to work well together
• Promotes crossing midline by reaching across the middle of the body with the hand or leg (Crossing midline is important for later writing skills)
• Beneficial for children with special needs such as Autism, Down Syndrome and mild Cerebral Palsy
• Includes 26 durable 5” x 7” alphabet cards, one instruction card, and one logo card per set
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Marking Chips
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$14 99 SET OF 500
 ABC’S of Movement
Activity Cards

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