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            // 800.327.0484 HEALTH/FITNESS 157 FITNESS ACCESSORIES
• Rather than lifting static weight, user resists the force of moving weight
• Provides up to 250 muscle contractions per minute
• Great for general fitness, sport-specific training, rehab,
strength and aerobic conditioning
• Heavy-duty composite material with comfort grip handle
and padded rubber safety tips
1369601 48”L $2999 EA H
                          Power Rope Anchor Station
• Use indoors or outside
• Accommodates up to 12 users at one time
• Solid rubber bottom for floor protection
• Add up to 4 - 45 lb. Olympic weight plates for maximum stability • All welded, all silver powder coated steel construction
• 6.5”H x 23.5”W x 23.5”D - 32 lbs. 
• Power ropes and weight plates sold separately
1375090 $19999 EA H
     Quick Release Tether
• Combines fixed resistance with overload release for explosive speed training
• Partner-activated release frees tether from belt for a burst of speed
• Durable nylon mesh tether features reinforced stitching and a dual grip handles
1301793 $4999 EA
      Fitness Power Ropes
• Various lengths and diameters to enhance the overall work-out experience  
• Great for grip strength, stamina and overall conditioning
• Ideal for upper body and core exercises
1369620 1369621 1369622 1369624 1369625 1369626
1.5”D-30’L 1.5”D-40’L 1.5”D-50’L 2”D-30’L 2”D-40’L 2”D-50’L
$13499 EA H $15499 EA H $17999 EA H $19999 EA H $23999 EA H $27999 EA H
       Speed Chute
• Provides excellent resistance while running to improve speed, stamina, strength and acceleration
• Chute releases while running to provide resistance • Includes carry bag
1143607 40’’Diameter
Muscle GroupTM HotSpotsTM
• Maximize your students understanding of muscle anatomy with these 8 1/2” diameter spots
• Each spot includes the name, pronunciation, location and definition of one of the body’s major muscle groups
• Create an exercise station by simply placing a spot on the floor along with the equipment you desire to exercise that particular muscle group
• Guide included
1281712 $53 99 SET OF 12
$4999 EA H
          Poly Fit-SpotsTM
• Instantly create a fitness course by
placing these spots throughout your
gym floor
• Students know exactly which exercise
they are required to perform by just
looking at the spot
• Combine Fit-SpotsTM with other equipment to create new and exciting games
• Each set includes ten 9” diameter vinyl spots each depicting a different exercise Lifetime Warranty
1093469 $5999

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