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            // 800.327.0484 HEALTH/FITNESS 149 CORE
        BOSU® Pro Trainer
• Targets the core muscles of your body helping you to not only gain strength, trim, and tone, but to help coordinate your entire body
• Ideal for static and dynamic balance training
• Can also be used to integrate balance challenges into cardiovascular, endurance, core and
flexibility training
• Can be used with the platform side either up or down to challenge balance with different
body positions
• Includes a workout DVD, an inflation pump, a healthy diet guide for weight loss and a 120
page integrated balance training book
• Supports up to 300 lbs. • 25” diameter x 12”H 90 Day Limited Warranty
1205732 FortheInstructor $21999 EA
BOSU® Pro Basic Balance Trainer
• Same as the BOSU Balance Trainer Pro model but with inflation pump only
1388424 For the student $18999 EA
              BOSU® Power Stax
• BOSU Stax increases the intensity of your workout at different heights
• Creates unlimited options for advanced exercises and explosive power and agility drills
• Each BOSU Stax measures 24”W x 3”H
• BOSU balance trainer sold separately
1375490 Single $11999 EA 1375530 Setof3 $29999 SET
         BOSU® Sport Balance Trainer
• New, redesigned smaller version of the original BOSU Balance Trainer and is constructed with the same rim and base style
• The sleek, compact 22” design allows for easy transportation and storage, quick positioning for any type of workout and is ideal for fitness entusiasts and athletes of all ages
• Includes inflation pump and owners manual
• 250 lbs. maximum user weight • Color Options: Blue, Pink.
SpecifyColor $11999 EA
BOSU® Storage Rack
• Solid steel construction for durability and locking casters for portability
• Stores up to 8 BOSU’s
• Some assembly required • BOSU’s not included
1378678 $19999 EA
         BOSU® Trainer Class Package
$1,29999 EA
  BOSU® PRO Basic 
  BOSU® PRO Trainer
  BOSU® Storage Cart that holds 8 BOSU® balance trainers
  All Products on this page are
Bosu and balance balls can be used in a variety of activities to improve balance in children with disabilities.

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