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  Snake Cross ChallengeTM
• The Snake Cross Challenge is part of the Power Cross Challenge Series
• It is a great exercise choice for younger students
• They will love the chance to cross this ten foot long whimsical snake
• Students will start in a push-up position with their hands on the first set of hands near the
snake`s head
• They will then move across the length of the snake`s body using the hand prints as a
• Set up to put the user in many different positions for a varied workout
• The activity guide will also describe many other positions and progressions that will
adjust the difficulty level
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    Rock Floor Challenge
• The Rock Floor is used like a rock wall that has fallen down
• There are hand and foot spots that the students must negotiate as they move across the
mat from left to right
• They are all purposely placed in different positions, making the students use a wide variety
of muscle groups to complete the crossing
• An activity guide and progression sheet will describe how to perform all of the variations
and the many uses for this mat
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     Burpee Challenge Mat
• Complete body workout designed around Burpee variations
• Great for improving muscular strength in the arms, legs, and core • Vary the difficulty by changing position of hands and feet
• Various colored foot and hand sets make it perfect for all ages
• Mat measures 70” x 48”
• Activity guide included
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     Quick Feet
Challenge Mat
• Safe, inclusive, and highly motivating for all students
• Highly visible footprints make it easy to improve quickness, agility, and overall fitness
• Non-slip bottom makes it safer than traditional agility ladders
• Mat measures 10’ x 4’ 
• Activity guide included
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      Power Cross Challenge
• Designed to work the upper body and core
• It is basically a rock wall on the floor, consisting of 3 sets of colorful hands
winding across the mat, each representing
a different degree of difficulty
• Students start at one end of the mat and
work their way across using one of the 10 challenges such as crossing sideways in a push- up position
• Makes an ideal fitness station, warm-up area, or obstacle course addition
• 10’L x 30”W - Activity guide included
Agility Spot Challenge Mat
• Different colored spots to accommodate students of all ages • Great for strengthening lower leg muscles and weak ankles  • Build foot speed, improve agility, and maintain balance
• Mat measures 36” x 48” 
• Activity guide included
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    $15999 EA
             Colors and clear directions of the mats teach children with intellectual disabilities the correct push up position.

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