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Flexibility Assessment
Baseline Flex Tester
• Scales printed in inches and centimeters
• For use with any fitness program measuring flexibility
• Sturdy construction with built-in footplate and maximum stretch indicator that remains in
place until reset
• Deluxe edition offers extra features such as enabling test protocols to vary the scale
starting point and an adjustable reach indicator allowing for variations • Assembly is required
• Durable, powder coated steel construction with non-skid, non marring base
• For use with The Presidential Physical Fitness Test, Fitnessgram®, SHAPE, Cooper Institute and YMCA programs
• Foot plates fold flat for easy storage and transport
• Smooth glide reach indicators with easy to read English and Metric calibration • NO assembly required
Push-Up Challenger
$16999 EA $24999 EA
1378689 1378691
Single–26”Lx15”Wx12.5”H Double–38”Lx15”Wx12.5”H
$11699 EA H $17999 EA H
• Provides the teacher and student an effective way to test each individual push up fairly and consistently, while teaching the proper mechanics of the push up
• The student simply touches their chin to the PUSH-UP CHALLENGER, almost guaranteeing their arms are at a right angle
• The push-up tester is now being used by many for Presidential and Fitnessgram tests
• Stackable for easy storage
Push Up Training Mat
Curl-Up Mat
• Screened on lined mat ensures that students do curl-ups properly
• One end is for 3” and the other end for 4 1/2” for testing all ages
• Lightweight, soft, foam mat rolls up for easy storage
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$16399 DZN H
Curl Up Strips
• Durable rubber non-skid strips are used by placing them under the knees when performing the curl up assessment
• The starting position is with the fingertips on one edge of the strip
• The width of the measuring strip determines how far the student needs to curl up
• Available in two widths depending on the age of the students
1377661 3”W(5-9YearOlds) 1377662 41/2”W(Ages10andUp)
$4199 EA
$2899 EA H
$719 EA $719 EA
• Colorful, poly-vinyl mat teaches the proper push up technique
• The attached foam piece assures the child is safely executing the push up • Instructions are embossed right on the mat
Children with intellectual disabilities can track how far they can reach, take the score and try to increase it.

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