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Assessment Tool to Promote Healthy Habits
Assessment is far more than data collection. It is a critical step to determining the right curriculum for your students that leads to life-changing habits.
Backed by years of scientific research, FitnessGram by The Cooper Institute offers comprehensive reports, training and support to get the most from the program. FitnessGram is the national test of the Presidential Youth Fitness Program, assessing the physical fitness of more than 10 million students across the country.
                                FitnessGram - Extensive Assessment Including:
     Aerobic Capacity Muscular Strength Flexibility
A Complete Package from US Games and FitnessGram
1. Easy-to-Use Web-Based Program
• Quickly create reports to share with student and parents • Track yearly student progress
• Use group data to focus curriculum on key areas
2. Professional Development
• Free webinars to ensure you are fully trained on FitnessGram
• On-site training on implementing FitnessGram
• Training on expanding the positive impact of fitness beyond the PE classroom
3. Matched US Games Equipment
• The right equipment selected for FitnessGram testing
• Posters and spanish-language signage now available
• See Selected Equipment Ideal for FitnessGram on page 16
Muscular Endurance
Body Composition
Lindsay Brown • Doddridge County, WV
FitnessGram by The Cooper Institute is the national test of the Presidential Youth Fitness Program
“The FitnessGram program has given our students a visual goal to improve their health and reach that Healthy Fitness Zone.”
FitnessGram Program Comes with Training, Support Desk Services and a Full Library of Guides and Videos.

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