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    OH1 Optical Heart Rate Sensor
Polar’s OH1 provides versatility, comfort, and simplicity. The OH1 is an optical heart rate sensor worn on the arm. Whether your students are in PE class, or working out on their own, this Bluetooth Smart heart rate sensor accurately and consistently captures  heart rate using Polar’s proprietary heart rate algorithm and 6- LED solution. The OH1 is available individually or in a pack of 10. Pack includes: 10 sensors, 10 straps and one washing bag.
Key Benefits: 
• Heart Rate – Optical heart rate (6-LED solution) with enhanced Bluetooth range
• Versatile Fit – Fabric armband that can be worn on upper or lower arm
• Battery Life – Rechargeable battery with up to 12 hours of continuous operating 
• Updateable – Firmware updates to enhance functionality 
• Polar Connectivity – Broadcasts to Polar GoFit, activity trackers, training computers
   and many third party fitness apps
10 kit (XS / S) 10 kit (M / XXL)
$9499 EA $86999 PACK OF 10 $86999 PACK OF 10
  1453277 1453278
   A370 Fitness Tracker w/Wrist Based Heart Rate
Offering your students personalized exercise guidance, the waterproof A370 integrates intelligent, wrist-based heart rate with Polar GoFit. Help your students and class reach their target fitness goals with the free Polar GoFit App and web service. The bright and colorful touch screen, displays heart rate on the student’s wrist and the teacher’s iPad, making it easy to project up to 60 students at a time.
Key Benefits:
• Full color touch screen 
• Time in 5 heart rate zones
• Time of day
• Calories burned
• Total workout time
• Rechargeable with micro-USB 
1399690 SpecifySize/Color
A370 Replacement Wrist Straps Color Options: Petrol, Black, Orange, White
• Size: M/L.
1399684 SpecifyColor $2999 EA
$17999 EA
                   H10 HR Sensor
Monitor student heart rate with maximum precision with the Polar H10. The H10 provides live heart rate to the Polar GofFit app, select heart rate monitors and compatible gym equipment. • Size: XS/SM, M/XXL.
• Built-In Memory - Store 1 heart rate training session. Perfect for sports and activities where a wrist unit would be difficult to use • Enhanced Battery Life and Range - With over 400 hours of operation time, your students can use indoors or outdoors within
120-125 yards of the iPad
• Comfortable Fit - Updated strap design provides the comfort and security needed when exercising •BroadcastHeartRate 
• 10 kit includes sensors, chest straps, number stickers, sensor folder, washing pouch and battery kit
Instill self-efficacy in students to increase their own fitness.
$10999 EA $949 99 SET OF 10
10 kit
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