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Nutri-cize The Game
• Allows large groups to exercise and learn the food groups
• All age groups and abilities can participate together
• Each spot has a picture of food and the exercise/s for the group
• The group is divided into 6 teams and provided with a numbered and colored die • Players take turns rolling the dice and moving to the appropriate food group
• Player returns to their group and explains the exercise and the number of repetitions - repeat for all players
• Game includes: 7’W x 11’L game mat, 6 each numbered and colored dice, instructions and carry bag
MyPlate Dietary Guidelines DVD
• Registered Dietitian Melissa Halas-Liang shows two students how some of their favorite meals can be both delicious and nutritious by using the USDA MyPlate guidelines
• Key messages for each food group are explained while the dietary guidelines are applied to
a variety of favorite foods like tacos, pizza, breakfast foods, and fun snacks
• Includes interviews of real kids eating and talking about their favorite nutritious foods
30 Day Limited Warranty
1375823 Grades 1-6 (23 Minutes) $5999 EA
$32999 EA H
Activity Book
• Fun, age appropriate activities that begin to explore some key concepts of USDA’s MyPlate
• Including: physical
activity, proportion,
gradual improvement, variety, moderation and personalization
• Includes twelve 8 page booklets
30 Day Limited Warranty
1375822 Ages7-11 $1399 EA 12
Nutrition Posters
              • These (24”H x 18”W) laminated posters emphasize the importance of making healthy choices, exercising and getting the proper amount of sleep • MyPlate Food Group Set includes the 5 food groups and an Activity Poster 
• Healthy Choices Set promotes healthy living - inspirational and informative messages are featured
1. 1388483 MyPlate Food Group Posters $74 99 SET OF 6 2. 1274547 Healthy Choices Posters $74 99 SET OF 6

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