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   Garden Heroes®
• Add fun and excitement to your nutrition programs
• 35 cuddly, bean-bag plush fruit and vegetable characters
• Feature embroidered faces and durable seams
• Machine washable - measure 3” to 7” tall
• Characters in the set may vary
• The Activities Book contains
nutrition education information and education-rich activities
1384919 1384920
$173 99 SET OF 35 $3599 EA
bSafe bFit Curriculum Package
A Physical Activity and Nutrition Program for Kids!
• One resource connecting both physical and nutrition education
• Uses 55 fun food characters to emphasize the importance of both physical activity and nutrition
• The program is based on five components of health-related fitness: Body Composition, Strength, Aerobic Fitness, Flexibility, and Endurance Includes:
• 5 Fitness Pal Posters (18” x 24”)
• Manual with 34 Lesson Plans 
• 55 Fitness Pal Activity Cards
• 10 Song Move n’ with Fitness Pals CD
• Instructor DVD 
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$114 99 EA
1245974 Pre-K-6thGrade
SkillasticsTM Nutritional Cards
• Approved by a Registered Dietitian and contains questions from EACH of the food groups based upon MyPlate
• Can be used alone or combined with most of the Skillastics® Activity kits
• Includes question cards for each of the 6 teams 
• Great addition to any Coordinated School Health Program 
1379357 Grades1-5(360Cards)
1274448 Grades6-12(630Cards)
$19999 EA
       MyPlate Vinyl Banner
• Highlight the nutrition messages of the USDA MyPlate icon
• This MyPlate Banner promotes healthy eating habits and can be used as an eye- catching visual for health fairs, cafeterias, gymnasiums, and classrooms
•  24” x 63” full color vinyl graphics with corner grommets for hanging on the wall
   $8199 SET $8199 SET
                Engage children with specific learning disabilities with these nutritionally educating games.

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