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Sport Packs
15 Sport Pack Shown
Speed Stacks Skillastics®
• Teaches Sport Stacking through the proven Skillastics method
• Offers 26 unique activities that enhance MVPA while simultaneously increasing
Sport Stacking agility and skills
• Speed Stacks sold seperately
• Skillastics Nutritional cards are a great addition to increase nutritional knowledge 30 Day Limited Warranty
• A Sport Pack is the best, most economical way to get a program started
• Provides everything you need for a successful sport stacking program with enough
equipment for your entire class to participate at once
• Sport Packs include everything you see here, plus step by step instructions on how to
teach your students the proper skills to be successful
• Also included is our On the Move with Speed Stacks Activity Guide featuring over 70
different activities for the gym • Lifetime Warranty on cups only
1276275 15SetsofCups
1276282 30 Sets of Cups
$51999 PACK $63999 PACK
Grades 3-6
$26999 EA
• The official timing device of the World Sport Stacking Association
• Combines a precision timer with a super sensitive touch pad and an ”optimum”
stacking surface 
• A great assessment tool for instructors and a self motivator for players • Stack + Mat includes a carrying bag 
Jumbo Stacks
1372015 1372013 1372014
Mat+Timer MatOnly Timer Only
$4399 EA $1759 EA $2999 EA
• A great way to enhance your sport stacking program
• Perfect for large scale floor relays
• Includes 36 jumbo cups - 6 of each color, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, and Yellow •Cupsare101/2”Hx83/4”Watthetop
Sport Stacking Book
• A complete ”start-to-finish” resource for teaching the basic cup stacking patterns and strategies for students at all levels
• Filled with great ideas for individual skill development, small group activities, and great large group games
30 Day Limited Warranty
All Products on this page are
Tournament Display Pro
Speed Stacks Sets
• Specially designed high-tech sport stacking cups endorsed by the World Sport Stacking Association (WSSA) for competition
• Available in 7 colors, each set comes with a Stacker Training Learn Fob • These are the only cups permitted for use in WSSA sanctioned events
and each cup carries the official WSSA approval mark
• Color Options: Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Orange, Red, Yellow.
$2599 EA
• Automatically displays three decimal place data when connected to a StackMat Pro Timer or two decimal place data when connected to a Gen 2 Timer
• Can be powered by batteries or an AC adapter (included) • Visible up to 100’
$26 99 SET OF 12
$15399 EA
The Leader in Sport Stacking
$19999 SET OF 36
Sport Stacking is a fun way to practice gross motor skills in children with developmental delays.

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