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           // 800.327.0484 PHYSICAL EDUCATION 119 RHYTHM & DANCE
   DDR GameTM EnergyTM Metal
Dance Pad
• Super sensitive no-delay technology • 4-in-1 plug works with PS1, PS2, Wii/
GameCube, Xbox and PC/Mac via USB • Linkable latch for 2 dance pads
• Weight capacity 600 lbs.
• Stainless steel platform •34”Hx34”Wx11/4”D-weighs30lbs.
1308433 $32999 EA
      DDR Tough Series Training Pad
• High grade anti-tear EVA dancing surface
• Groove-texture design elevates parts of the training
pad so dancers have a greater sense of awareness
and coordination
• Space-saving tri-fold profile makes it easy to store
• 33”H x 33”W x 1/3”D - weighs only 2 lbs.
1308402 $4999 EA
       Lummi Sticks
• 24 plastic sticks 10”L x 1” dia.
• Designed for rhythmic patterns of stick activities set to music
• Incorporate rhythm and physical activity for children with visual impairments
1040210 $3099 SET OF 24 H
       DDR Training Pad
• Use to increase participation with DDR Group Fitness Packs
• Allows extra players to practice their moves and skills
• Made of durable vinyl plastic • No cables connected •36”x32”
DDR Tough HD Deluxe Dance
• Highly sensitive dance pad
• Multi-platform 4-in-1 connector - compatible
with Playstation, Playstation 2, Xbox, PC/Mac
and Wii
• Hook and loop flaps allow players to link two or
more dance platforms side-by-side
• High grade EVA dancing surface significantly
reduces wear
• Groove-texture arrows give players a greater
sense of awareness and coordination
• 37”H x 33”W x 1/4”D - weighs 10 lbs.
Rainbow Hoops
• 24”L ribbons stream behind a 5” hoop to provide visual excitement and flow to movement 
• Ribbons appear to ”float” through the air 
• Attached ribbons slide freely around the ring for more
1152159 Color My Class $32 99 SET OF 6 H
Ribbon Wands
• Nurture a child’s imagination, range of motion and balance as they create shapes and patterns in the air for movement and dance activities 
• Includes satin ribbons with 9 1/4” long matching glitter handles 
• Use the 3’ ribbons for pre-school and lower elementary students and the 6’ ribbons for upper elementary 
• Color My Class set includes 1 of each color: Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red and Yellow 
1126327 3’ $2899 SET OF 6 H 1126334 6’ $3399 SET OF 6 H
$2499 EA
$15999 EA
                 Rhythm Sticks Kit
• A valuable addition to any physical education program
• Play by moving sticks through various patterns in time to music or a chant
• Includes 24 one foot wooden sticks in 6 colors (4 of each color)
• Allows 12 students to participate at one time
• Activity guide included
8977XXXX $4499 SET OF 24
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Teach basic coordination and rhythmic patterns to children with challenging balance.

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