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   Falling Sticks Challenge Set
• Fun, Exciting and Challenging!
• Builds teamwork, quickness, agility and fitness
• The basic game starts with 2 players (about 6’ apart) each holding one stick in a vertical
position with one end on the floor
• On ”GO” each releases their stick and runs to catch the other student’s stick before it hits
the floor
• Activity guide includes partner/group activities
1310276 $20799 SET OF 6 PAIR
• Communication, maneuvering and spacing gets your team in position around the pickup object
• Move it from one destination to another
• Attached to each center ring are 10 removable nylon
support ropes with hook and loop connectors
• Includes web, basket and activity guide
1375106 $4699 SET
       Don’t Lose Your Marbles
• Teamwork and communication are necessary for students to transport marbles in a continuous flow of motion through a series of tubes
• Quick thinking and quick action are required to properly line up the tubes
• Includes 8 PVC tubes, 1 removable end cap, 3 jumbo marbles, carrying bag and activity guide
$11999 SET
           TeamPolesTM Set
• Promotes teamwork, communication and balance
• Balance and transport objects in the baskets or ”pour” objects from basket-to-basket
• Features rubber clips that snap into the baskets
• Constructed of hi-impact plastic
• Each set includes 6 pair of poles
12 clips
• Activity guide included
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Meteorite Mission
• The group works to transfer the meteorite from one post to the other using a ring attached to ten 6’ handled ropes
• Members lift the ring up the post raising the ball into the air and transporting it to the other post without it falling off
• Set includes 2 PVC poles with bases, 1 ring with 10 removeable handled ropes, 1 ball and activity guide
1216660 $18999 SET
    $12699 SET
Playing these cooperative games encourages socialization between all children.
                      Toxic Waste Transfer
• The challenge is to transfer the ”toxic” waste to a safe storage area
• Using a bucket equipped with 10 five foot ropes and handles, the group must work together
to dump the bucket of waste (colored balls) into the ”safe” bucket
• Reposition the ropes to create additional problem solving opportunities
• Set includes 2 mesh buckets, 10 detachable ropes, 16 balls and activity sheet
1216653 $17499 SET

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