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           // 800.327.0484 PHYSICAL EDUCATION 109 COOPERATIVE
 Navigating Physical Activity
• Fun, educational program that teaches using a compass, orienteering and important physical activity through hands- on experiences
• Students locate target stations marked by symbolic props
• Includes: 12 compasses, 5 props, instructional materials
and storage tub
1308495 $17999 SET
      Let It Fly
• Get up to 24 students involved with these tossing and catching circular nets
• The challenge is to toss the soft, foam ball from one net to the other without letting the ball touch the ground
• Vary the challenge by replacing the balls with bean bags
• Nets are 17” in diameter with a large 13” ”catching area” and have four 24” long elastic bands for 2-4 players to control 
• Includes 6 orange foam balls 
1197921 Color My Class $81 99 SET OF 6 H
• This unique design eliminates the abrasions traditionally associated with tug-o-war activities
• The reinforced webbing creates an almost indestructible rope
• The pulling-loops are situated 28” apart on opposite sides
• At each attachment, loops are arranged in double-loop patterns, allowing a
two-hand pull or a one-hand pull by pairs of players
• Includes anchor loops at each end and permanent center and side marks
1245172 1245189 1301403
40’Long 10/20Handles
50’Long14/28Handles 60’Long 18/36Handles 4-Way
$13299 EA $14999 EA $16399 EA $34999 EA
• Develop teamwork and coordination with this large, durable, vinyl mat
• The lead person pulls the mat down as the others simply hold it up and walk
along to keep it moving
• Approximately 39”W x 30’L
$7199 EA H
         Four-Team Tug-O-War Rope
• Allows up to 24 students to participate at one time
• 20’ team lines extending from 10’ square •Features4”anchorman”handloopslocatedoneachend
All Products on this page are
$23499 EA
Economy Tug-O-War Rope
• 1” diameter, top grade manila rope • 72” loop and braided at each end
1040968 50’ 1040975 75’ 1040951 100’
$9899 EA H $13999 EA H $15599 EA H
                 Improve coordination and teamwork skills between children of all abilities using these products.

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