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  STEM & CHARACTER IS COOL ACTIVITY KITS INCLUDE: 1, 5’x7’ reinforced nylon mat, 6, 20” x 27” reinforced nylon miniature mats,
6 assorted color die and beanbag markers, 26 5”x7” laminated task cards, instructional DVD & manual, convenient backpack storage bag.
STEM Skillastics®
• Add an academic twist by combining movement and STEM questioning to create a balance of learning
• Designed to create an atmosphere of integrated learning and physical activity fun
• Includes 720 STEM cards (120 questions per team) that unite all content areas by increasing skills in standards
that include speaking, reading, physical activity, math and science
• Great for large groups (up to 100 players)
• Aligns with National Physical Education Standards and After School HEPA guidelines
• Includes all pieces above in addition to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math question cards 
1395163 Grades3-6 $39999 EA
         SkillasticsTM Nutritional Cards
• Approved by a Registered Dietitian and contains questions from EACH of the food groups based upon MyPlate
• Can be used alone or combined with most of the Skillastics® Activity kits • Includes question cards for each of the 6 teams 
• Great addition to any Coordinated School Health Program 
1379357 Grades1-5(360Cards) $8199 SET 1274448 Grades6-12(630Cards) $8199 SET
Character is Cool Skillastics®
• An exciting resource designed to help children interact positively with one another while participating in cooperative, fitness activities
• Emphasizes character traits such as sportsmanship, respect, responsibility, teamwork, caring and honesty
• Animation instructional DVD provides excellent guidance on each activity and why the activities emphasize certain character traits
• Great social skills activity for schools in states that mandate, encourage and support character education
• Helps combat bullying
• Targets grades 3-9
1343021 Grades3-9 $36999 EA
                 Halfpint Skillastics®
• Introduces Pre-K and Kindergarten students to a variety of movement skills that encourages creativity and imagination in a non-competitive environment
• Promotes color, number and shape recognition • Also available in English/Spanish
1265231 PreK-Kingergarten $14999 EA

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