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Why FitnessGram?

FitnessGram® is the most widely used youth physical fitness assessment, education and reporting tool in the world. Based on Healthy Fitness Zone® standards, created by the FitnessGram Scientific Advisory Board, FitnessGram uses criterion-based standards, carefully established for each age and gender.

FitnessGram assesses the five components of health-related fitness: Aerobic Capacity, Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, Flexibility, and Body Composition. Personalized reports provide objective, feedback and positive reinforcement which are vital to changing behavior. These reports serve as a communications link between teachers, parents, and students.


Student data resides inside FitnessGram’s secure facility and they manage the software.

For more information on FitnessGram software
call 1-800-327-0484 or visit FitnessGram Program Details.
US Games is The Cooper Institute’s exclusive provider of FitnessGram software and equipment packs.